Legacy of the Primes

Pierre Nevar's Goods

Pierre Nevar has a selection of strange goods. He also has an assortment of general travel goods such as rations, water skins, arrows and bolts, etc.

Boots of Walking: Requires attunement. When worn, the character's movement speed is increased by 5 feet. However, he is incapable of taking the Dash action. 100 gp.

Scroll of Jump. Level 1 wizard scroll. 50 gp.

Scroll of Silent Image. Level 1 wizard scroll. 50 gp.

Sword of Light. A Longsword with a permanent Light spell. The sword is considered magical, but that is its only effect. 115 gp.

Ring of Burden. When worn, the wearer is heavily encumbered, which means your speed drops by 20 feet and you have disadvantage on ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws that use Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution. 25 gp.


The Delivery
Session Two

Troy is impressed with the party and wants to hire them for a job: he has a shipment of crossbows that needs to be sent up from Fishguard to Caldwell. (It was already paid in full.) The trouble is there's a bandit issue lately around the road. A ferry up the Draig River isn't an option due to rapids. Troy offers each person 25 gp to take the job and another 50 gp if the delivery is made successfully. He will not accompany them on the trip. The shipment includes a manifest (6 light crossbows, 4 heavy crossbows) as well as a receipt to be signed.

The road goes past the Temple of Ilios. The party will discover it is besieged by zombies and skeletons. (4 skeletons, 4 zombies is upper end of Medium. One or two more is Hard.) The priests of the temple are holding, but they're trapped. Clearing the way to the entrance will grant them a reprieve.

If the temple grounds are searched, a black gnarled staff will be discovered in the graveyard. Its presence has defiled the land and caused the undead to swarm. Getting to the staff should require more combat.

Once the staff is retrieved, it can be taken into the temple to Ilios's altar where it can be destroyed. Cleaning up any remaining undead after that is trivial.

Searching the temple grounds further (DC 16) may also uncover a bone pipe. The bowl of the pipe is carved to look like a skull.


Pierre Nevar, traveling Tabaxi merchant, has a wagon that often breaks down as he's assaulted by bandits or wildlife. 

The Feast of Lunais
Session One


Our first session of the Legacy of the Primes campaign! As young adults from around the Vale enjoy a night away from their homes at the annual Feast of Lunais, at the base of the Tower of Heaven, trouble stirs in the shadows…


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